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IRAALBORZ developer co., as the first developer of industrial construction in Iran, with approach of using new construction technologies.

Previous name of IRA ALBORZ company, was Mehr Building Developer company(MBD.co).

The company has attempted to increase the quality and rate of construction simultaneously, and reduce the costs in reasonable way. The experience of preparation and delivering 3000 housing units in 15 months indicates the achievement of this management model in construction projects.

IRA ALBORZ is proud of having specialist staffs in fields of management, engineering and administration

IRA ALBORZ could finish these projects in the same time:

luxury and cheap housing projects, Offices, Hotels, commercial, religious projects. 

Our vision is Each Family; One House. IRA ALBORZ developer co. under the GOD kindnesses, attempts to implement the new management system and offer the services with the high quality and proper prices with the goal of development of Iran. IRA ALBORZ Developer is committed to create value for customers and use the expert human capital to achieve this goal. IRA ALBORZ Developer follows the Sustainable cooperation and value creation for customers and is a pioneer in quality, speed, coordination, optimization and safety. IRA ALBORZ Developer pursuits the satisfaction of customers, employees, subcontractors and society; as the main responsibility.

Ira Alborz Development and Construction is the first developer of manufactured, prefabricated, and modular construction in Iran. Using our able management team, with our aim of constantly improving quality and speed when it comes to production and construction, we have implemented an entirely new manner of planning, monitoring, controlling, and carrying out construction projects. Our company, in fulfilling its objectives, gives priority to the following principles: (1) Improving the quality of implementation; (2) Teaching and learning, to better the performance of individuals and organizations; (3) Ensuring the satisfaction of employers, clients, and subcontractors; and (4) Preserving and protecting resources, especially natural resources and the environment, and promoting advancement in construction. In undertaking these objectives, Ira Alborz has acquired managerial resources, managing the culture of our company, as well as promoting our organizational values, implementing strategic management in our use of human resources, IT and knowledge management. Ira Alborz capitalizes on these incredibly valuable resources in both planning and carrying out projects.

Ira Alborz Development and Construction values health and safety. Hence we believe that our greatest resource is the wellbeing of our employees, who have an undeniable right to work in safe conditions. We hold health and safety equal to the performance of our business. As managing director, I personally oversee the health and safety of our workers at Ira Alborz. Management will ensure the health and safety of all those affected by our company, in accordance with that which is in our ability. The cornerstone of our approach is that accidents can be prevented by identifying and managing risk. We believe that our health and safety management system should be developed, implanted, and monitored appropriate to each job and based on national and international standards.

Management of health and safety is an integral part of good management at all levels. We hereby declare that we will provide the required resources to implement this health and safety policy and keep our policies updated in that regard. The health and safety responsibilities of all personnel should be defined and allocated; everyone is expected to contribute to the overall health and safety environment by exercising his or her personal responsibilities. As the basis of establishment for any system, training is necessary for employees to carry out their particular duties in this health and safety management system. This will require the sharing of information, instruction, training, and supervision appropriate to the company’s activities. First-rate personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to the job at hand is necessary. Hazards should be noted, and by taking all reasonably practicable steps, it must be ensured that the relevant persons use such equipment correctly. Emergency procedures should be provided, reviewed, and updated; and it must be ensured that all employees understand their duties in case of an emergency. This policy is applicable to all operations, and we cooperate with and monitor the performance of contractors who work with or for us in terms of health and safety. The yardstick used for statutory duties placed on Ira Alborz Development and Construction is regarded as a minimum, which we hope to outperform. We do, however, intend to achieve best practices in terms of health and safety in all that we do.

Real estate, including apartment buildings, land, homes, and the like, is among the most lucrative and safest forms of investment in Iran today. Ira Alborz Development and Construction, with its record of success in construction, now seeks investors for apartments, homes, land, industrial and commercial properties, and more.

Because we know that obtaining an official title deed is an investor’s primary means of security, Ira Alborz Development and Construction will handle the entire process of acquiring an official title deed, in accordance with the most current laws in Iran, for all our foreign investors. For more information, representatives at Ira Alborz Development and Construction are ready to answer any questions about investing and Iranian commercial law.


Industrial Construction

New Technologies

Exporting materials

natural and artificial stones, decorative tiling, ceramics, pipes, fittings, asphalt shingles, finishing and electrical cables. Raw materials including cement, gypsum.

Construction Management


(some of projects)


Our acknowledgments (most notable)

Human Capitals

Chairman, Civil Eng, 25 years experience

MS. In Industrial Eng. Graduated from Sharif & Tarbiat-Modarres universities

BS. in Civil Eng. 20 years experience

MSc. in Architecture Eng. Graduated from Science and Technology University

MSc. in Industry Eng. Graduated from Sharif University of Technology

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